Publications in Scientific Journals

The results and findings of studies of preclinical and clinical efficacy and safety of the Company’s medications and their components are published in Russian and international peer-reviewed scientific journals, including those indexed by international bibliographic databases.

List of publications

Methodological approach to diagnostics and pharmacological correction of stress in dogs and cats
The problem of stress, psychological and behavioral disorders in animals gain more and more attention in the recent years. A lot of research is being held to determine pathogenetic mechanisms of stress, diagnostic approaches and methods of its treatment. This article considers the physiological, psychological and biochemical aspects of stress. The special role of brain-specific S100 protein in the stress pathogenesis is described. Authors also give methodological recommendations for veterinarians on the use of behavioral scales for dogs and cats.
Use of Drug Anoten against Anxiety and Stress in Cats: Results of a Blind Placebo-Controlled Study
Blind placebo-controlled study of the antistress drug Anoten was conducted on 32 stressed shelter cats. Animals were divided into 2 groups based on the emotional and mental status. All cats were treated with Anoten or placebo daily during the 14 days. General clinical indicators and psycho-emotional state were registered. At the end of the research the cats were subjectively evaluated for mental changes. No statistical differences were found in general clinical indicators assessment. However, psycho-emotional state by the CSS (Kessler and Turner Сat-Stress-Score) as well as integrative score status was significantly improved in cats receiving Anoten in comparison with placebo.
Results of the Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of the Novel Anti-Stress Drug Anoten Efficacy against Neurotic Disorders in Dogs
The blind placebo controlled trial was conducted in 20 dogs with signs of neurotic disorders to confirm the efficacy and safety of the anti-stress and antianxiety drug Anoten. Clinical and emotional-psychological state of animals was recorded every day during the 14 days. The obtained data showed that emotional and mental state was improved in dogs receiving Anoten compared with dogs receiving placebo according to RASS (Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale) and integral scales. Differences between groups were statistically significant. Clinical scores of animals were similar in Anoten and placebo groups, which proves the drug’s tolerance and safety.