About us

Source DSM,
3 quarters 2013
TOP 10

pharmaceutical companies on OTC market *

Materia Medica enters TOP-10 Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies on Russian OTC market.

More than 20

brands known worldwide

Established in 1992 Materia Medica holding produces and markets over 20 brands on OTC markets of Russia, CIS and abroad



Thorough researches guarantee high safety profile of medicines. In 2013 Materia Medica has carried out pre-clinical researches on 45 bases and clinical researches on 96 bases


1 To explore, invent and make available high-effective and safe medicines to use in different fields of medicine for treatment, prophylaxis and rehabilitation
2 To integrate our innovations in medical community


Confidence of patients

Patients’ trust is our paramount value. For over 10 years our medicines gain patients trust owing to its exceptional features and high safety profile.

Responsibility and conscientiousness

We realize the degree of responsibility to patients, doctors and partners and that’s why quality of our medicines is so much important for us.

We apply tight quality control over all processes of development and production so that it meets GMP standards.


Professionalism is essential for our mission. We respect and appreciate professionalism in our partners and colleagues and seek to develop it.

Close-knit team

Only by combining efforts we can achieve high results and provide a high-quality product.

We are proud of our professional team and appreciate the contribution of each to the common cause.

Geography of the company