Our Production

Our factory has the necessary infrastructure to ramp up production. Its nominal output exceeds 2 billion pills per year

Elevated production

Competitive compensation

Strict compliance with health and safety

GMP - an international
quality certificate

Production Facility

The factory is located in the Leninsky District of the city of Chelyabinsk.
It is an important employer for the city and the district.
The Company adheres to elevated production standards and strictly observes health and safety requirements.
производственный комплекс

Characteristic Properties of
Our Manufacturing Practices

GMP quality standards
Product quality is attested by GMP certificates issued in the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union.
Product Quality Control
The production facility has analytical and microbiological laboratories, which helps us guarantee the declared quality of the final products.
Analytical Laboratory
It controls physical and chemical indicators of the quality of raw materials, consumables, semi-products and finished products as to their compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation.
Microbiological Laboratory
It monitors microbiological properties of finished products, raw materials, primary packaging materials, purified water, and controls microbial contamination of the production facilities, equipment, personnel, and air.
Production Equipment
The factory has all the necessary infrastructure for production; it is equipped with the most advanced high-tech equipment of European brands.
Highly Qualified Workforce
The factory employs more than 300 people.
Sustainable Production
Environmental protection is an important priority of our social policy.
Reliable and Trusted Suppliers
Our suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients are companies based in Scotland (UK), Germany, India, China and Russia.