PRO-Start - this is a program for practical training and adaptation of university graduates in real business on the basis of Materia Medica Holding

The purpose of our program is to attract young professionals who will be able to prove themselves during the internship and in the future will become employees of the company

What is our program about?

  • About getting experience «at your fingertips»

    Over the years of studying at the university, you have acquired a huge amount of theoretical knowledge. PRO-Start is an opportunity to gain practical experience through integration into a actual business, such as

  • About professionalism and immersion in real business

    You will not just be able to see from the inside how the company works — you will be able to become part of a professional business team, performing tasks together and on a par with more experienced colleagues, mastering interesting areas for yourself and contributing to the overall result.

  • About mentoring and support

    We will be happy to provide you with all-round support so that your start is productive. We appreciate open communication, so we are always ready for any questions and will help resolve any difficulties. You will always receive open, developing feedback from experienced colleagues.

  • About development prospects

    We are interested in attracting young professionals to the industry and have already given many graduates the opportunity to join the company and continue to develop with us!

  • About values

    By joining us, you will have the opportunity to work in an industry that makes a tangible contribution to ensuring the quality of life of patients and the development of medicine in the country.

  • About comfortable working conditions

    For the duration of the program, competitive wages will be paid, meals in the office will be paid, and medical insurance and sports compensation will be provided.

You have a chance to join the program if you:

  • Graduated from the university in 2022 and have a bachelor's or master's degree in medicine, pharmacy, biology, economics, marketing or communications (fundamental engineering or technical education can also be a pass to our program);

  • You are focused on results and you like to bring your plans to the end;

  • Do you know how to work with large amounts of information;

  • You have good analytical skills, but you are not devoid of creativity and ingenuity;

  • You know how to communicate with people, quickly get involved in tasks and do not hesitate to ask for help;

  • You have an excellent command of working on a PC and have a good knowledge of the entire MS Office package;

  • Ready to work in the office for a full day, schedule 5/2.

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