Raphamin acclaimed as best at Smartpharma Awards 2022

Raphamin acclaimed as best at Smartpharma Awards 2022

Materia Medica Holding became the winner of the Smartpharma® Awards 2022 industry award. Raphamin won in the nomination “Innovation in the complex therapy of respiratory viral diseases”.

Registered in 2021, Raphamin is the only drug of its kind that acts on major histocompatibility complex (MHC) type I and II molecules. MHC molecules are responsible for the recognition of viral and bacterial pathogens and are involved in the activation of the immune response. As a result, "Raphamin" has not only antiviral, but also a moderately pronounced, immune-mediated antibacterial effect. In the course of research, a unique feature of the drug has been experimentally proven: when Raphamin is used together with antibacterial drugs, the effectiveness of the antibiotic is enhanced even in the case of initial resistance to it with side of pathogenic bacteria.  

The combination of Raphamin components is a fundamentally new solution in the treatment of viral diseases.

In addition to Raphamin, the company's product portfolio includes more than 20 drugs, including the most well-known brands on the market: the antiviral Ergoferon and Anaferon, the anti-anxiety Tenoten, the cough remedy Rengalin, the drug for the treatment of diabetes Subetta, as well as a nootropic drug with a normalizing effect Prospekta.

The annual pharmaceutical award Smartpharma® Awards 2022, according to the organizers, is the only award in Russia, the winners of which are chosen only by pharmacy specialists. This year, more than 28,000 pharmacy employees, members of the Smartpharma professional community, were invited to vote. The organizer of the award is the Doctor at Work company.