Innovative antiviral medication Raphamin gets registered in Russia

Innovative antiviral medication Raphamin gets registered in Russia

Materia Medica Holding received a registration certificate for the innovative drug Raphamin®. Raphamin® is an antiviral drug, the distinguishing feature of which is the focus of action on the key mechanism of anti-infective immunity - the recognition of foreign antigen peptides, the activation of which "turns on" the immune response aimed at their destruction.

Raphamin® is produced on the basis of specially processed antibodies and has a direct modifying effect on target molecules. Unlike preparations based on monoclonal antibodies, Raphamin® does not block antigens and normalizes their functional activity. Therefore, the drug combines high efficacy and safety, confirmed in a number of preclinical and clinical studies. The Clinical Trial Abstract has been included in the US National Library of Medicine's International Clinical Trials Database, clinicaltrials. gov

The drug is produced on the basis of two special components - antibodies to molecules of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) type I and II, which activates the process of recognition by the immune system of both viral and bacterial peptides. As a result, Raphamin® has not only antiviral, but also a moderately pronounced antibacterial effect.

The drug is intended for the effective treatment of viral infections at all stages of their development.

This is the first time that the effect on MHC molecules has been used, which gives it important advantages. First, the experimentally proven antibacterial effect reduces the risk of bacterial complications in ARVI. Secondly, it has been found that Raphamin® enhances the action of antibiotics in cases where the pathogenic microorganism is resistant to their action. Thirdly, Raphamin® contributes to the preservation of normal microflora, disturbed by the use of antibiotics.

Thus, if a doctor needs to add antibiotics to the treatment during a viral infection, it is advisable to use them together with Raphamin®.

Raphamin® is produced by the research and production complex Materia Medica Holding in accordance with all GMP rules.

Raphamin® will be available in the largest federal and regional pharmacy chains in the Russian Federation already in the new year.