Description of the drug

Homogeneous granules of spherical shape, from white to almost white, without foreign smell.

Indications for use

In the treatment of functional disorders of the heart, manifested, among other things, as pain, a feeling of heaviness in the region of the heart, palpitations, a feeling of lack of air; fluctuations in blood pressure, as well as increased nervous excitability.

Dosage and administration

inside. At one time - 5 granules (keep in the mouth until completely dissolved - not during a meal).
Take daily in the morning for 1-2 months. If necessary, repeat the course of treatment after 2-3 weeks.
With the appearance of pain in the region of the heart (cardialgia), it is possible to take the drug 5 granules 3 times with an interval of 15-20 minutes.
If there is no improvement in the condition, you should consult a doctor.