Divaza is a nootropic medication that helps improve memory and attention span, and normalize cerebral circulation. It may also increase mental performance, and improve cerebral blood flow. It does not have a sedative effect or muscle relaxant properties.

Description of the drug

Flat-cylindrical tablets with a score and a bevel, from white to almost white. On the flat side with a risk, the inscription MATERIA is applied MEDICA, on the other flat side the inscription DIVAZA is applied.

Indications for use

Divaza is indicated for use in adults.
Complex treatment of asthenoneurotic and cognitive disorders, caused by neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular (including ischemic) diseases of the brain.

Dosage and administration

The notch is not intended for dividing the tablet into parts.
inside. At one time - 1 tablet (keep in mouth until full dissolution). Use 1-2 tablets 3 times a day without meals at regular intervals. Depending on the severity of the condition in acute period, the frequency of administration can be increased up to 4-6 times a day.
With severe organic lesions of the central nervous system, the duration of the course therapy can reach 4-6 months.