The18th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Neurology Conference with Foreign Guest Speakers – “DAVIDENKOV READINGS 2017”

Materia Medica Holding attended the 18th ALL-RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL neurology CONFERENCE WITH FOREIGN GUEST SPEAKERS, “DAVIDENKOV READINGS 2017”, held in St. Petersburg, September 28-29.

The conference is named after the prominent neuropathologist and geneticist Sergey N. Davidenkov, the full member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1945) and Honored Worker of Science of RSFSR (1934). Sergey Davidenkov is the founder of clinical neurogenetics, and was the first to provide genetic medical counseling (Moscow, 1920; Leningrad, 1934). He proposed a classification of hereditary nervous system disorders, which is still used today. Materia Medica Holding attended as a conference sponsor, its stand attracted over 600 medical professionals. In conjunction with the conference, the company also organized a satellite symposium, “Stress and the City”, which was attended by about 100 neurologists. The theme – “stress” – seemed to resonate with the attendees, since hardly anyone today, whatever the age or sex, could say they have never been stressed. The following talks were given during the event: “Stress in the Life of the Doctor – the “Burn Out” Syndrome” by E.S. Akarachkova, ScD; “Stress, the Child and their Family” by Prof. S.V. Grechaniy; “Effect of Stress on Endothelial Dysfunction in the Older Person with CCVD” by Dr. V.V. Fateyeva; and others. All the presentations provided relevant information addressing the issues of attenuating stress and anxiety experienced by the doctor and their patients, and seemed to be able to reflect the concerns of the audience. The event was approved as meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare Coordinating Council for the Development of Continuing Medical Education (CME), and at the end of the symposium all the attendees were awarded CME credit certificates. Qualifying for CME credits was the hallmark of the “Stress and the City” symposium, speaking well for the scientific and practical relevance of the content presented.