Opening Research Laboratory - breakthrough in comprehensive studies and manufacturing developments

At the beginning of 2014 OOO “NPF "Materia Medica Holding” opened the first research laboratory of its own.

The company was always deeply concerned in scientific activities investing in researches, however, involving outsourced sites. Proper research laboratory will enable the company to carry out independent studies and make new progresses in the development of innovative drugs.

To implement these objectives, the studies are performed by top professionals, most of them having degrees in pharmacy, chemistry, biology and physics. The studies implement the latest physical and chemical and immunochemical tests from the leading global manufacturers of analytical equipment.

To solve the tasks related to manufacturing process, additional site with industrial equipment has been opened. Therefore, in addition to researches and analytical activities, the laboratory is involved in process development.

Research laboratory represents a unique research unit forming an integral part of scientific and manufacturing projects of the company designed to assure compliance of the drugs with the top global standards.