Officials of Mexico National Institute of Pediatrics confirmed recommendations on Anaferon for children application for prevention and treatment of acute infectious respiratory diseases

The authors of recommendations and review article published in Revista de enfermedades infecciosas en Pediatría journal (Journal of infectious diseases in pediatrics)* are deputy director on medical studies José Luis Arredondo García and research officer of clinical study department Agustín Méndez Herrera.

The article notes that Anaferon possesses interferon-inducing effect ensuring development of early and adequate immune response. It has verified preventive and therapeutic effect in acute respiratory infections (ARI). When used for preventive purposes, Anaferon reduces ARI rates, for therapeutic purposes – their duration, intensity of symptoms, minimizing frequency of complications, viral and bacterial shedding and demand in antibacterial therapy. Broad-spectrum antiviral effect and immunomodulating activity of Anaferon in the absence of adverse effects allow to recommend it for ARI prevention and therapy in children. It may also be included into prevention and rehabilitation programs for frequently ill children. 

* Article: José Luis Arredondo García, Agustín Méndez Herrera Infección de vías respiratorias agudas en población pediátrica // Revista de enfermedades infecciosas en Pediatría. – Oct.-Dec. 2015. - Vol. 29, No. 114. - Р. 1-8.