Impaza medicine is registered in Mexico

Impaza medicine is registered in Mexico.

Impaza, a medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment, is registered in Mexico on March 26th. It is the first time Russian medicine of this indication received registration in this Latin-American country.

Impaza appeared in company’s portfolio in 2002. Due to unique combination of effectiveness and safety profile Impaza quickly gained patients’ and doctors’ confidence mainly as medicine of choice for risk group patients, who suffer from diabetics and cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays Impaza is the only medicine which can be safely used for long-term treatment, eliminating the cause of erectile dysfunction and restoring potency to physiological norms. 10 year treatment experience in Russia and clinical trials prove these facts. According to target audience polls Impaza is one of the most known brands among medicines for erectile dysfunction.

In 2010 Impaza was patented in United States. Today the medicine is available in Russia and CIS countries.