Conference Report: International Scientific and Practical Conference –“The Older Patient. Quality of Life”

Over two decades, Moscow has hosted the International Scientific and Practical conference “The Older Patient. Quality of Life”, dedicated to International Day of Older Persons.

Most participants have been medical practitioners at health care centers of Moscow, Moscow Region and other parts of the country, and those located in neighboring countries and countries far abroad; welfare officers; heads of war veterans’ hospitals, members of voluntary organizations, including charities; etc. The conference has established a good tradition of bringing the participants together from year to year in order to discuss, share information, and reflect on what has been done over a period of a year and what still needs to be done to assist the quality of life of elderly persons inside the country and elsewhere. The 2017 conference was not an exception: it included 21 thematic sections, and over 130 presentations by renowned specialists in different medical fields, all addressing the issues of older persons. Materia Medica Holding has been a regular participant to the conference for several years running. This time the company’s stand was visited by more than 300 medical professionals including GPs, neurologists and gerontologists. One of the conference events was a satellite symposium, “Stress and the Older Person”, arranged by the Company. The symposium evoked interest of the audience. It included talks by Prof. E.S. Akarachkova (”Stress and the Older person), O.V. Kotova MA (“Psychiatric Comorbidity in the Elderly Patient: What GPs Need to Know and Do about It”), associate professor L.R. Kadyrova (“Nordic Walking for Everyone – the Backbone Exercise for Neuropsychological Health in Elderly Individuals”). All the presentations were informative on how to address the problems experienced either by the doctor or their patients. The event was up to the standard of the Coordinating Council for the Development of CME, and at the end of the symposium all the attendees were awarded CME credit certificates. The fact that the symposium qualified for CME credits reflects the importance of topics discussed and scientific and practical value of the content presented. More than 500 Russian and foreign specialists (neurologists, GPs, cardiologists, etc.) attended the congress.