7 International Congress of Antibodies

Materia Medica took part in 7th Annual International Congress of Antibodies, ICA-2015 (Chinese Peoples Republic, April 25-28, 2015).

The results of non-clinical studies verify ability of the company drugs to exert modifying effect on the starting substance changing its spatial structure and biological properties. The data tracing the pathway from targets to specific biological effects were demonstrated.

The report describing the key peculiarities of the mechanism of action of the company drugs stirred interest of the audience and the discussion continued after the session. The event planners invited the reporter to participate at the following congress as a chairman of one of sessions and perform with a new oral report.

In 2015, ICA-2015 congress convened the leaders from pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, representatives of regulatory authorities including widely known experts in the field of novel technologies and scientific experts from the USA, Europe and Asia. The congress presented the findings from the latest developments in design, manufacturing techniques and the results of investigation and practical application of antibodies.