3rd Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress

On July 21-25, 2015 Materia Medica Holding took part in 3rd n Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2015 (DDTWC-2015) in Boston, USA.

DDTWC-2015 Congress convened numerous researchers from the most prestigious research institutions of the USA, Europe and Asia, representatives of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies and experts from various regulatory authorities including FDA and National Institutes of Health, USA. The Congress took place in parallel with with Global Biotechnology Congress-2015 allowing all the participants to learn about the latest achievements in biotechnology and exchange their experience with colleagues from related industries. Within two congresses more than 330 oral reports in various fields of drug development and biotechnology have been introduced to the audience. Three Nobel laureate professors performed with their reports. Activities of the congresses comprised two-day poster session involving more than 150 researchers competing for the grand prize.
During the event, Materia Medica Holding presented 20-min oral report concerning the company drugs and their quality control methods. The report won a warm welcome gaining increased interest from the audience. Also, Materia Medica officer was invited to perform at two topical sessions as a Chairman/Co-chairman of the section.
New contacts in scientific community with researchers from the USA, Norway, Germany and other countries as well as cooperation offers were a logical outcome of successful participation of Materia Medica Holding in DDTWC-2015. The Congress organizers expressed their wish to see the company representatives the following year.