The use of medicines -- ANAFERON, ANAFERON FOR CHILDREN, ERGOFERON -- as part of complex therapy and prevention of infections caused by coronaviruses



Materia Medica Holding has achieved the AON Best Employers 2017 status, established by the world’s leading HR consulting company AON Hewitt, which measures and recognizes leading employers more than in 90 countries worldwide.

The18th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Neurology Conference with Foreign Guest Speakers – “DAVIDENKOV READINGS 2017”

Materia Medica Holding attended the 18th ALL-RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL neurology CONFERENCE WITH FOREIGN GUEST SPEAKERS, “DAVIDENKOV READINGS 2017”, held in St. Petersburg, September 28-29.


Highlights from Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Movement Disorders held at the 4th National Congress with Foreign Guest Speakers on Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders


Released Activity (Contemporary View of Homeopathy and Non-homeopathy)


Start-up meeting associated with initiation of clinical studies of Ergoferon

Start-up meeting associated with initiation of two international multicenter double blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical studies of Ergoferon was carried out on April 7-8 in Sochi

Laboratory of Influenza under Pasteur Institute and APcis carried out a study in cooperation with Materia Medica Holding.

The results of non-clinical study of a novel antiviral drug Anaferon for children

Officials of Mexico National Institute of Pediatrics confirmed recommendations on Anaferon for children application for prevention and treatment of acute infectious respiratory diseases

The authors of recommendations and review article published in Revista de enfermedades infecciosas en Pediatría journal (Journal of infectious diseases in pediatrics)* are deputy director on medical studies José Luis Arredondo García and research officer of clinical study department Agustín Méndez Herrera.


3rd Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress

On July 21-25, 2015 Materia Medica Holding took part in 3rd n Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2015 (DDTWC-2015) in Boston, USA.

7 International Congress of Antibodies

Materia Medica took part in 7th Annual International Congress of Antibodies, ICA-2015 (Chinese Peoples Republic, April 25-28, 2015).

An international observational program has shown that Ergoferon is effective in the treatment of ARVIs and influenza at early and later stages


Conference Report: International Scientific and Practical Conference –“The Older Patient. Quality of Life”

Over two decades, Moscow has hosted the International Scientific and Practical conference “The Older Patient. Quality of Life”, dedicated to International Day of Older Persons.
Dear Colleagues! Data on the Company’s Products were announced at European Respiratory Society International Congress in Milan, September 9-13.

Dear Colleagues! Data on the Company’s Products were announced at European Respiratory Society International Congress in Milan, September 9-13.

The data were featured at the poster discussion session via poster and oral presentation by Prof. E.G. Kondyurina (ScD, Novosibirsk) on “Impact of antiviral therapy for acute obstructive bronchitis in preschool children” and theme poster by Prof. A.L. Zaplatnikov (ScD, Moscow) – “The efficacy of antiviral therapy of acute respiratory infections in pediatric practice”. Both presentations discussed the antiviral efficacy of Ergoferon supported by the professors’ research data.

Report from Symposium on Medical Comorbidities in Elderly Patients held at the 9th International Congress “Neurorehabilitation 2017”

The 9th International Congress “Neurorehabilitation 2017” took place in Moscow, May 31-June 2. It included a symposium on Medical Comorbidities in Elderly Patients.

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Four extensive multicenter randomized trials have been completed which evaluated the safety and efficacy of two release-active drugs – liquid Ergoferon and Rengalin – in children and adults with acute respiratory infections (ARIs).

Ergoferon is a new antiviral compound with anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects which is indicated for use in combination treatment of viral ARIs, including the flu, and is essentially composed of release-active anti-IFN-gamma, anti-histamine and anti-CD4 antibodies. Two placebo-controlled efficacy and safety studies of liquid Ergoferon involved 648 participants with viral ARIs recruited by 30 clinical centers.

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Materia Medica expands manufacturing unit


First Russian GMP certificate


Opening Research Laboratory - breakthrough in comprehensive studies and manufacturing developments

At the beginning of 2014 OOO “NPF "Materia Medica Holding” opened the first research laboratory of its own.