Scientific and research activity


Preclinical drug testing and development projects of the company are carried out at globally recognized research institutions based in Russia and abroad

Geography of

The locations cover a total of 18 countries, including major EU, US and Asian Universities, Institutes and CROs

Strong research

Over three years, 86 studies have been conducted

abroad: 45
in Russia: 36
research methods

Using most recent pharmacology techniques which meet the national and global standards is ensured by collaboration with accredited pre-clinical research centers located in Russia and worldwide

and Research

Our R&D activity includes in-depth mechanism of action studies on the company’s products, as well as drug discovery and target identification projects

laboratory facilities

Our R&D laboratory is working to design novel QC systems and performs innovative basic research into drug development with the use of certified equipment and advanced methods, such as spectral assays, cellular techniques and immunosensors.

Drug’s quality

The R&D biotechnology projects we carry out in collaboration with Russian and foreign experts consistently contribute to the improvement of existing methods and development of new experimental techniques for use in research, production and quality control of the company’s products

Geography of

Our biotechnology work involves institutions in 10 countries, including largest EU and Asian Institutes and CROs

Strong research

Over 3 years, 35 studies have been conducted:
in Russia: 26 and abroad: 9


The results of our research projects are available as monographs and articles in Russian and foreign scientific publications, and are regularly announced at international congresses and conferences held throughout Russia and abroad.

Продакт-менеджер (ОТС)
Scientific research
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